Thriving Neighborhoods

When New Yorkers describe where they live, they often name their neighborhood. For residents to succeed, neighborhoods require basic services, healthy environments, a good quality of life, and connections to the city’s job centers. As New York City’s population continues to grow, we will make strategic investments to bring necessary public-transit access, quality affordable housing, retail, and services to both growing and underserved neighborhoods.

Challenges & Opportunities

The City seeks to overcome disparities in access to economic opportunity, transportation, city and community-based resources, parks and public space, and broadband across neighborhoods.


The City’s efforts will reflect several critical neighborhood-planning principles, captured under the Thriving Neighborhoods goal. These principles include supporting vibrant mixed-use communities that align public transit, housing, and jobs while offering residents access to essential retail and services, especially in currently underserved communities; proactively planning for current and future growth; and engaging New Yorkers in the planning process.

Support creation of vibrant neighborhoods by alleviating barriers to mixed-use development and utilizing available financing tools.

Neighborhood planning, including zoning changes and maximizing available financing tools, can open up a wide range of opportunities for mixed-use neighborhoods.

Make strategic investments for livable neighborhoods.

The City will work with community groups, elected officials, and other stakeholders to make targeted infrastructure investments to ensure that growing neighborhoods are livable neighborhoods.