Parks & Natural Resources

A high-quality, easily-accessible open space is a foundation of a vibrant neighborhood. Beautiful parks and public spaces improve quality of life, enhance our city's natural environment, and provide mental and physical health benefits to New Yorkers.

Challenges & Opportunities

Many of New York City’s parks and public spaces were designed 50 to 100 years ago and now require significant investment to meet changing demands. While too many New Yorkers lack access to neighborhood parks, more than 200 parks have received less than $250,000 each in capital investment over the last 20 years.


Using a data-driven, equity focused framework to direct investments, we will put significant and targeted resources toward ensuring that the quality of our outdoor space keeps pace with the city’s growing population and changing needs.

Strengthen the utility of parks and public space in under-resourced and growing neighborhoods.

Improve open spaces through Parks Without Borders, a new strategy to enhance neighborhood access and connectivity.

Reduce light pollution from large buildings at night.

Expand the use of our streets as places to play, congregate, and be together.

Create beautiful and well-tended streets in neighborhoods across the city.

Green the City's streets, parks, and open spaces.